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30w LED Workshop Lamp

30w LED Workshop Lamp
Product Detailed

LED workshop lamp
1.Energy saving
2.long lifespan
3.high power 300w
4. 2 years' warranty

30w LED workshop lamp


1. LED parameters

Item  Min  Typical  Max
Power   -  30W  38 W
Rated current  -  1 A  1.2 A
Rated voltage  29V  9.5 V  11 V
Warm White  2700K  3200 K  3900 K
Nature White  4000K  5500 K  6000 K
Cool White  6000K  6500 K  7000 K
-  85 °C  105 °C
LED Quatity  -  30 PCS  -
LED light
60LM/W  70LM/W  80LM/W
LED Chip   Epistar 

2. Power Parameters  
  Posting Mode  Inner
    Input Voltage  AC85V~265V
  Freqency Range  50Hz~60Hz
  Max Input Power  70W
  Total Harmonic Distortion  ≤ 9 %
  Power Factor  >0.98
  Power Efficiency  >88 %
  Output Mode  constant current
  Output Voltage  DC 30-36V
  Output Current   0.5-2A constant currentadjust
  Power Size  156mm*75mm*28mm
  Certificate  CE
  Life  20000 H 


3. Lamp Parameters  

  LED Working Voltage  DC30~36V
  LED QTY  1 pcs
  Led Consumption  30 W
  System Consumption  36 W
  LED Luminous Efficiency  75 Lm /W
  LAMP Initial Flux  2000 Lm
  lamp’s Efficiency  >87 %
  4M  17 Lux
  6M  8 Lux
Average Illuminance
8M  5 Lux
  4M  φ11 M
  6M  φ18 M
Illuminance Area
8M  φ23 M
  Illuminance Uniformity  >0.5
  Color Temperature  See to LED parameters
  Color Rendering Index  Ra>75
Light Distribution  symmetrical/ rounde


Tensile anodized reflector, patented heat sink design, tempered glass sealed sealed enclosures, single
high-power LED light source, high efficiency constant current source



1.  Use  interllectual  property  package  high-power  LED(30W)  as  light  source,  using  a  multi-chip
integrated single module light source design ,   and using super bright semiconductor chip which is
with high thermal conductivity, low light decay, pure light color, and no ghosting features.
2.Unique heat sink design, perfect combination with the electrical box, then the heat can conduct and
diffusion perfect, to reduce the temperature of the lamp,ensure the lifetime of light and power
3. Heat sink surface does anodizing process, compact structure,IP65 water-proof. 
4. Energy-saving effect, use high-power LED light source and imported high-efficiency power supply,
compared with sodium lamp, it can save 50% energy.
5. Green product, no pollution, without lead ,mercury such pollution elements. 
6.Color  is  good,  it  show  the  item  real,Variou  light  colors  optional  to  meet  the  needs  of  different
environments, eliminating  the depression mood which caused by high or  low color  temperature of
the traditional lamp, to make visual more comfortable, improved worker productivity.
7.Constant  current  constant  voltage  control,  for a  voltage width  (AC85V-265V) power generation  to
overcome  the  result of ballast, noise pollution and  instability caused by  lighting,  to avoid bringing
work to stimulate the eye fatigue. 
8. Excellent decorative effect, special surface treatment process, the color of surface is optional , easy
installation and removal,    for a wide range application. 

Application areas   
For workshops,  factories, warehouses,  highway  toll  stations,  gas  stations,  supermarkets,  exhibition
halls, gymnasiums and other places  

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